Fallout 76 streamer manages to launch nuke…within the beta

It’s a pity I only have one pair of hands. Because I’d like to clap a lot more for Fallout streamer FrenchTomahawk.

Last night was the last beta session for Fallout 76 before the game officially releases on November 14th. If you haven’t marked your calendars, now’s a great time to do it.

But let’s switch the spotlight back to FrenchTomahawk. He’s managed to launch a nuke (i.e. get to the end-game) within the beta sessions alone. That’s no easy feat, and considering that the guy has already made it to level 50 too, a standing ovation is in order.

What makes his achievement even more praiseworthy is that the beta only comes online for a couple of hours each session, and it’s not even a daily thing. Getting to level 50 is already a ton of work, but toss in a nuke launch and you have a guy who seriously knows how to manage his time.

Of course, FrenchTomahawk couldn’t have done it alone. With a little help from the Twitch chat, and some of his pals, he found and decoded enough code fragments to launch the missile. Check out the stream’s celebratory moment in the video here!

Ahh, the sweet smell of triumph…and radioactive debris.

Fallout 76 will achieve lift-off on November 14th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Kenneth Ang

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