Expect Steam’s Flash Sales to make a comeback

Steam’s Flash Sales were one of the more controversial “mini-events” on the platform. If you aren’t aware, these are sudden timed events where games that are on sale within the period, would be given yet another large discount.

On one hand, it delivered massive discounts that a lot of gamers benefited from. On the other hand, it was a source of stress for many, as these Flash Sales were never announced prior to them actually happening. Gamers who wanted a chance at huge discounts would constantly have to check in on Steam to spot their opportunities.

Flash Sales were done away in 2016, with mixed responses following its wake, and the rush to refresh Steam for these sudden discounts were no more. But that could all change again if Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network is to be believed.

On August 3, Tyler tweeted: “I’ve just been informed that @steam_games Flash Sales are returning, with a twist. Devs can chose for the sales to last 6, 8, 10, or 12 hours, shaking up sales almos tevery hour, and making sales feel more like an event again.”
He supported his tweet with a screenshot that shows the two-hour increment sale periods.

With developers now able to control how long these flash sales would last this should mean that they could make the appropriate announcements on their own platforms, but this would also mean that gamers will have to return checking in every hour or two to spot these big deals as well.

Steam has not released an official announcement. However, it should be noted that Tyler McVicker is considered a reliable source when it comes to news surrounding Steam, so there’s a good chance that when you open up your Steam during its next Seasonal Sale, the new format of Flash Sales would already be introduced.

Nadine Pacis

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