TGS 2018: What will we be watching? Day 2

TGS 2018 - 01

TGS 2018 (Tokyo Game Show) Day 2 is now upon us!

Continuing on our ‘TGS 2018: What will we be watching?” segment for Day 2, we will be bringing you a new curated stream list each day.

Do note that the timing below will be in JST, so if you are in Singapore you need to add an hour to your clock.


September 21

10:00 to 16:15 – (TGS Official) TGS 2018 Exhibiting Game Introductions

12:45 to 13:15 – (SEGA/ATLUS) Unnamed VR Project announcement

13:30 to 14:15 – (SEGA/ATLUSProject Judge

14:15 to 15:00 – (D3 PublisherEarth Defense Force: Iron Rain and Earth Defense Force 5

15:15 to 15:45 – (D3 PublisherOmega Labyrinth Life

16:00 to 16:45 – (SEGA/ATLUS) Valkyrie Chronicles 4, Live gameplay + Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered for Switch

17:30 to 19:30 – (TGS Official) Sense of Wonder Night 2018


For a full list of the live-streams you can check out Gematsu’s live-stream schedule. Do let us know what caught your eye and what you watched below in the comments as well!

Wei Song

Wei Song

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