STGCC 2012: WaaCha! Brings You Kung Fu Fighting

We stumbled upon the Big Bunker Studio booth at STGCC and tried our hand at their iOS game WaaCha!

This quirky game has a very simple premise. Kick your way to victory as a cutesy kungfu fighter and profit! It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. Though gameplay is simple in that you only have to swipe at the screen to perform a attack, timing is key. And for someone with poor hand-eye coordination like myself, initial gameplay was not easy.

Apart from kicking away the damaging debris that keeps coming your way, you also have to keep an eye out for health kits. Unfortunately, you’re likely to kick it away by accident if you don’t pay attention, since you’ve been swiping away every other piece of debris that comes flying.

We didn’t have time to test the game out in full, but as the lone game in an alley full of artists, WaaCha! definitely caught our eye.

Big Bunker Studio is an independent games studio based in Malaysia, and currently has just WaaCha! under their belt. Check the game out on the App Store.