PlayStation Awards 2013 Voting Begins; Prizes Include Vita and PS4 Consoles

Nope, that isn’t a typo. Although the chances are incredibly minuscule, you can win a PlayStation 4 simply by participating. Here’s how to do it.

From 1 October to 5 November, Sony Entertainment Network Asia members get to vote and comment for five of their favourite games that were released or made downloadable since November 2012 onwards. The top ten titles will then be selected by highest vote counts. If (a) your voted game is one of the top ten and (b) your comment is selected as one of the best 15, you get to win either a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 4. They’ll be presenting these comments to the developers during the prize ceremony in December, so make them heartfelt!

These prizes are specifically for the Asia Region, with eligible countries being Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea, so it’s still a considerably massive pool. SCE Japan Asia will be judging comments “based on how inspirational, constructive and creative they are” so start brainstorming.

There are a total of five PS4s and ten PS Vitas up for grabs, with regional distributions as follows:

PlayStation 4 Available
Hong Kong 1
Taiwan 1
Korea 1
Singapore, Malaysia,
Thailand, Indonesia


PlayStation Vita (PCH-2000) Available
Hong Kong 2
Taiwan 2
Korea 2
Singapore, Malaysia,
Thailand, Indonesia

While new for us, this is actually the 19th PlayStation Awards since the 1994 launch of the very first console. To get an idea of past winning titles, you can take a look at the archives although it’s only in Japanese.

Head over to the official site for more information, including the full set of terms and conditions. Good luck!

Ade Putra

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