Pika Pika Carnival Rundown

Thinking of popping by the Pika Pika Carnival?

Unless you’re a kid, have kids, or want that event-exclusive Pikachu (which is, incidentally, lv. 100), we suggest you think twice.

The carnival is catered to kids, as one might have surmised from the motion sensor game and types of merch advertised. While it is a treat to see actual Pokecentre-certified items for sale in Singapore, the available plushies are limited in design and size, and frankly aren’t the nicest you can get. Pokemon available (that we noticed) are Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Lugia and Pikachu. Other merchandise fall into the general categories of kid sized bags and towels, bento boxes, A4-sized files and stationery.

The event hall was unexpectedly small, and the crush of human traffic on a weekend was not pretty. You do get actual Pokecentre plastic bags though, which might prove to be better souvenirs than the stuff for sale.

The event-exclusive Pikachu can be gotten without squeezing into the event hall itself. You get it via wireless with the Mystery Gift option, and later pick it up from the deliveryman in any Pokecentre in-game.

Oh, and the games cost $5 to play, but you get a cute little bag with Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig on it! A giant Pikachu also makes its appearance on select days, for those looking for a photo op 🙂