GameStart 2018 happening on 13–14 October, will expand to Indonesia

Eliphant announced today that GameStart 2018 will fall on 13–14 October at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. Visitors can once again expect to see a wide selection of gaming mediums — from PC to mobile, digital to tabletop — with both the competitive and creative community out in force. Additionally, the gaming convention will go beyond local shores for the first time, setting its sights on Indonesia later this year.

Last year’s GameStart saw more than 24,000 gaming and esports fans in attendance. The convention has been steadily growing in scope and scale over the years, with the 2017 edition seeing a business day, the inclusion of card and tabletop games, as well as a themed food and beverage area. We also saw a bump in notable guests too, be it esports stars, cosplay celebrities, or prominent game developers.

Here’s a recap of what GameStart 2017 was like:

[Updated 19 Jan, 2151hrs] The decision to enter Indonesia was an easy one. Commenting over email, Eliphant director Elicia Lee pointed to the rising number of games and visitors hailing from the neighboring country.

“The gaming scene there is really growing, both from a consumer and industry standpoint, with more game development studios starting to make a name for themselves regionally. The partners and gamers we’ve met are really passionate and we think it’s a good time for us to bring GameStart to Indonesia.”

The dates and venue for the Indonesian event will be announced at a later date.

That’s not to say they’ll be ignoring their home ground. While it’s still too early to reveal anything, Lee had this to add: “We’re continuing to build on our relationships with other events and entities, so look out for what we’ll be bringing to GameStart in the coming months!”

Keep tabs on GameStart 2018 by following their Facebook page. Fighting game fans should also keep an eye on Beast of the East.

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