Basic Tips for GameStart 2015

GameStart is bigger this year and everyone’s expecting a massive crowd. Here are some pointers to help plan your trip better.

What do you want most?

We’re all here to see videogames but there’s only so much time to be had. Find out what your main priorities are and plan accordingly, as you should expect to queue a little (or a lot!) depending on what interests you.

Despite Friday being reserved for business and VIPs, the PlayStation VR stations and Star Wars Battle Pod always had a line of people waiting – make a beeline for these since they’re in Singapore for the the first time. Otherwise, take advantage of everyone else queuing to check out all the other booths! Blizzard is giving out free sticker tattoos and Bandai Namco are hiding Dark Souls III, so I’m expecting these stations to get plenty of attention too. If it’s loot you’re after then please make your purchases before stocks run out.

There are five six different PlayStation VR titles

Namely you’re looking at The Deep, London Heist, Kitchen, Hatsune Miku Project: VR Tech Demo, Summer Lesson, and Playroom VR. Try them all if you have the chance as they’re vastly different from one another, giving you a good idea at how different titles perform.

Fit is very important so don’t rush through the set-up. Feel free to leave your glasses on! And while it depends on the individual, only Capcom’s horror experience Kitchen gave me mild motion sickness, which is strange considering the character doesn’t move at all.

Win prizes by playing Star Wars Battle Pod

The queue may be off-putting but it’ll be worth the wait. The top pilot of each level gets to take home prizes ranging from a Kagemitsu G4 Custom Saber to a digital PC copy of Star Wars Battlefront.

After witnessing a few failed missions while queuing I opted to go with landspeeders on Endor, which is of medium difficulty. Vader’s Revenge, where you get to pilot the Dark Lord’s TIE Advanced x1 fighter, turned out to be the hardest mission and I didn’t want to keep the losing streak going.

Star Wars Battle Pod is completely on-rails and the action lies with the aiming joystick (right-hand side). It’s tempting to want to steer the vehicle but trust me, at those speeds we’d all crash spectacularly. That said, keep a hand on the throttle (left-hand side) so you can push forward for a few, well-timed boosts for event bonuses.

Bring a bag

It’s a gaming convention, you’ll need some place to store all the flyers and loot you’re bound to acquire throughout the day. Pick something large so you can stash the random goodie bag in case you score one, as well as all those merchandise big and small. Those intending to purchase artwork (largest comes in A3) may want to get something sturdy to brace it with – it pays to be paranoid on a busy convention floor

May as well bring a water bottle to stay hydrated too. There are restrooms available at the back of the hall, past the Founder’s Base.

Know the layout

Of course, it helps to know where everything is once the hall is brimming with life. Upon entering visitors are greeted by a huge wall – this is the back of the main GameStart 2015 stage. Turning left starts your journey with the massive PlayStation booth, whereas turning right you’ll be greeted by Armageddon and Blizzard Entertainment.

Rather than constantly referring to the map, start things off by knowing just where your points of interest are.


For those wondering, the Star Wars Battle Pod is where Geek Culture are. Be sure to visit Singapore Gamebox and Founder’s Base too to get a look at some indie gems.

Know the schedule

Similarly, with a packed schedule you may have to miss out on a few events. These range from producer sessions, gameplay showcases, tournaments, and demonstrations. Create timed memos so you don’t get forget while out and about on the showfloor.

Here’s the programme listing.

GameStart 2015 runs on 14–15 November at Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 and 402. Entry tickets start at $12.80.

Ade Putra

Ade thinks there's nothing quite like a good game and a snug headcrab. He grew up with HIDEO KOJIMA's Metal Gear Solid, lives for RPGs, and is waiting for light guns to make their comeback.