E3 2017: Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr Gets A Cinematic Trailer

Dontnod Entertainment’s new Action RPG game, Vampyr, has gotten a new trailer. Published by Focus Home Interactive, this E3 2017 trailer shows off London city in peril – against a combined Spanish Flu and vampirism outbreaks.

In Vampyr, you play the newly-turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, who is finding a cure for the flu-ravaged citizens of London. But like all vampires that we know (or read) about, Reid needs to feed. To do this successfully, he must gather information about his targets – study their habits, collect clues and maintain certain relationships by communicating with the inhabitants of London, which serves as a fictionalised semi-open world. This is built around hubs of neighbourhoods tethered to other interlinking areas.

It is possible to finish the game without taking a life, which best preserves Reid’s cover as a doctor but leaves him incapable of leveling up. Needless to say, this is quite possibly the hardest way to play the game. Killing no one will also unlock one of four different endings in the game.

You may not have heard of Dontnod Entertainment, but you would have heard of their last title, the wonderful episodic Life Is Strange.

Vampyr will be out this November on for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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