Don’t Miss: Campus Game Fest 2016

The largest community-driven gaming event in Singapore will soon kick off with the annual Campus Game Fest, happening this weekend from June 24-26 at ITE College Central.

Now in its fourth year, CGF 2016 will see the return of its famous Just Play! Bring-Your-Own-Computer LAN Party, a 3D2N endeavour that puts a gaming spin on school-ground camping.

Amenities and essentials such as tables, toiletries, and sleeping bags are all covered in the $159 registration fee, with various online and offline activities scheduled throughout the days. They’re also providing a free flow of fruits and water to keep snacking healthy – no Mountain Dew or Doritos here.

If camping overnight sounds excessive then perhaps all the other activities and competitions may pique your interest, some of which are new to the event. Following up on their recent PC charity drive is the DIY Garage, where attendees will learn how to, and then assemble, pre-loved computer parts into a complete package for underprivileged youths.

Official tournaments, both local and regional, have chosen CGF 2016 as their staging ground. They include the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) Championships for CS:GO and DOTA 2, as well as the EndGods Amateur League Season 3, Pokemon Video Game National Championships 2016 Singapore, Street Fighter V Under 25 Amateur Tournament, and more.

For something more casual, one could turn to the multitude of community activities. Be it Clash Royale, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Super Smash Brothers or even Minecraft, the selection appears varied enough to cater to different audiences.

The event is also a good opportunity to check out tabletop offerings such as the X-Wing Miniatures Game, Warhammer 40,000 or CardFight!! Vanguard first-hand. If your gaming history has never extended beyond Monopoly or Uno then get your wallets ready – you’ll be in for a treat.

Don’t forget the cosplayers either, who’ll be turning up in force for the Campus Game Fest Cosplay Runway on Saturday evening.

Best of all, Campus Game Fest 2016 has no entry fee! Just be sure to register for the ticket and you’re good to go.

Both the schedule and floor map are now available so get planning!

[Photo: Campus Game Fest]

Ade Putra

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