Epson Moverio Reaches For The Pinnacle Of Entertainment

The future is here.

Last Friday, we were invited to the launch of the Epson Moverio in Southeast Asia. We weren’t quite sure what to expect at the start. The Moverio event invite had been ambiguous, and wasn’t clear on what the product was. But things cleared up as we made our way to ION Sky in Singapore, where the launch event was being held.

The Epson Moverio is a mobile viewer. Read, a pair of portable glasses that allow you to do absolutely anything while on the go. Surf the net, watch a movie, send a message, even play a game! You can do all that with the Moverio. Best of all, its lenses are see-through – so you can still go out into the world while enjoying all of entertainment’s creature comforts.

The Moverio is a first generation product, and as such is a little clunky in design. The quick hands-on session we had with the Moverio assured us that the Moverio is slick and generous with its capabilities, though it’s not something we’d feel totally comfortable wearing it out onto the streets. High-tech the Moverio may be, but fashionistas will very much think otherwise.

The 3D view offered within the Moverio’s confines is stellar, and dare we say, much better than what you might experience in a movie theatre or on a Smart TV’s screen. Audio-wise, its built in earphones also do a decent job. Our only gripe would be the weight of the Moverio, which can actually drag down glasses and distort your view of the lenses.

The Android-based mobile viewer was certainly a delight to behold, and we’re already speculating on what sort of games it can complement in its current state. We’ll be posting a more in-depth review as well as a list of games we think it can possibly complement once we get our mitts on a review unit.