Eidos Teases "The Fall", Becomes New Mobile Game [UPDATE]

“Are YOU ready for The Fall?” appears on Eidos Interactive’s Twitter. The company has announced their working with Square Enix for an iOS Deus Ex game.

Cruel as they were posting up a fake “Deus Ex: Human Defiance” video on April 1st, we all could use a sequel to the very welcome Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and for those of us without a Wii U to taste the exclusive Director’s Cut with overhauled less-hands-on boss battles and Wii U Gamepad, even more.

Update: Cruel as they are now with their new announcement of a Deus Ex game on iOS rather than one for the console. Deus Ex: The Fall will be making its way to iOS devices through Square Enix by Edios Montreal for a new augmented adventure with one Ben Saxon, who probably didn’t ask for his employer to betray him. The game follows the events after the book “Deus Ex: Icarus Effect” and take places around the same time and universe as Adam Jensen’s 2027 adventure.

How well the concepts and gameplay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will translate onto an iPad (or on the wee iPhone) will have to be seen, although the gameplay shown in the announcement video (below) lacks a bit of the shine the console game had.

Deux Ex: The Fall is “coming soon” for the iPhone and iPad.