E3 2019: Microsoft Flight Simulator gets revamped with 4K HDR and satellite data

E3 2019 - Microsoft Flight Simulator - 01

Wow has this been a long time coming. Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a next-gen upgrade with 4K HDR graphics and aerial views based off satellite data and artificial intelligence. The supposedly real-time capture looks phenomenal and, true to their word, will be available through Xbox Game Pass in 2020.

There’s nothing much more to absorb other than this showreel of cities and landscapes from all around the world. We have Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Azure, to thank for the AI development assist here, and the results pretty much speak for themselves. Try pulling your eyes away from the view to admire the cockpit instruments and planes too – from turboprop to jet airliner, Microsoft Flight Simulator apparently has it all.

“By revamping our tech, working in close collaboration with the community and pursuing the best partnerships across the industry, we intend to deliver the best-in-class flight simulation experience,” reads the official description.

Players can fly “anywhere on the planet” and create their own flight paths, with day-night cycles and realistic weather upping the experience.

E3 2019 - Microsoft Flight Simulator - 02

What’s particularly exciting is the promised Xbox One release, which comes sometime after the Windows 10 version. They haven’t explicitly said it but, going by the way winds are blowing, could we see cross-platform support in the future? After all, it would also be a great way to grow the community and boost peripheral sales – just look at what Euro Truck Simulator did for wheels and pedals.

Screenshots: GameAxis

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