E3 2019: Devolver Digital brings more satire and indie games

e3 2019 - devolver digital - my friend pedro

Well… that was disturbing. But then again, it’s Devolver Digital. What’s new?

Following up on last year’s video, 2019’s Big Fancy Press Conference starts with the the indie game publisher’s usual fare: hilarious expletives, over-the-top exaggeration and lots of gore. Context-wise it takes place inside the mind of fictional company representative Nina Struthers, who was apparently “gunned down” at the end of last year’s video.

Satirical humor aside, Devolver also announced a ton of upcoming titles and DLCs. Let’s have a look!

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

The first title to be featured on-stream was Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Published in collaboration with MediaTonic, this quirky little game releases for PS4 and PC in early 2020.

From what we can see, the game appears to be an interesting twist on the battle royale concept. It’s pretty simple: 100 players start on an obstacle course filled with increasingly ridiculous roadblocks, and the last one left standing wins. Also, I’m going to assume that players can sabotage each other along the way for added tension. Heh heh. Looks like this’ll be pretty fun at parties, folks.

e3 2019 - devolver digital - fall guys

Devolver Bootleg

Next on the agenda was Devolver Bootleg, a classic 8-in-1 style game where people can play deliberate, original (and obviously) bootleg copies of Devolver Digital’s popular titles. These include rip-offs like Hotline Milwaukee, Ape Out Jr. and and even the hilariously named Luftrousers.

e3 2019 - devolver digital - devolver bootleg

Oh, yeah. Here’s another fun tidbit: typing in devolverbootleg.com into your search engine will take you directly to the associated Steam page. Try it! It’s on sale now!


Here’s where things start to get a little dicey, although you’re the one doing all the slicing and/or dicing. Carrion is a “reverse-horror” game that puts you in the shoes of a captured alien lifeform. After managing to escape containment, you proceed to get your revenge on the scientists and soldiers that imprisoned you. It’s not that simple, though; you’ll have to dodge flamethrowers, laser drones and other enemies as you rampage through the facility.

e3 2019 - devolver digital - carrion

Classic, retro alien-killing-spree action? It doesn’t get any gorier than this.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the GunDead

Do you enjoy playing games like Time Crisis and House of the Dead in arcades? If yes, then House of the GunDead is right up your alley. Building on the Gungeon universe they conceived, Devolver is bringing back classic light-gun shooting action to the arcade in 2020. Here, you’ll be shooting hordes of supposedly undead bullets (you read that right) and other gun-related adversaries, either alone or with a buddy.

e3 2019 - devolver digital - enter the gungeon house of the gundead

Other Digital Devolver announcements

Well, that’s it for new game releases. Apart from those, we also got to see two other things. The first is a new DLC pack for popular indie title The Messenger called ‘Picnic Panic‘. The retro vibe is strong with this one, so fans of the genre might want to take a further look at it when it releases on July 11.

The second is the announcement of the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of My Friend Pedro. It’s a fast-paced shoot-em’-up that packs impressive bullet-time mechanics, combat tactics and unbreakable friendship with a sentient banana. Yup, a banana. Named Pedro.

Nothing beats a first-hand experience!

I guess that just about sums up the Devolver Digital E3 presentation! Of course, if you’d like to check out this year’s antics yourself (and you should) here’s the full stream for your perusal. Have fun!

Screenshots: Devolver Digital.

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