Dragon Nest The Movie

It appears that Shanda Games, Eyedentity Games and Mill Pictures are going to produce an animated movie based on the MMO Action RPG Dragon Nest. The announcement, made at ChinaJoy 2012 last week, also showcased a movie trailer.

Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon is apparently part of a trilogy revolving around the game. No dates have been announced for the next two movies, but the first is expected to debut in 2013.

MMOSite reports that the movie will be directed by one Song Yuefeng, while its script will be written by Terry Izumi, who reportedly worked on Shrek. According to IMDB, Izumi also worked as a CG Supervisor for Hoodwinked Too as well!

The movie will take place before the current events in Dragon Nest, and will focus on events that happened during the ‘First Dragon Invasion’.  It is not known if the movie will be dubbed for the English speaking audience.

The trailer below is in Mandarin.


(Source: MMOSite)