Dragon Nest Asian Cup Makes Its Way To China

Shanda Games has announced its first World Tournament: the Dragon Nest Asian Cup, and boy, is it going to be big.

Teams from China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines will be competing onstage against one another at the upcoming ChinaJoy exhibition and conference in Shanghai. ChinaJoy has a reputation for being China’s E3, and is the largest electronics and games expo in the region.

“It’s the first time we are organising an Asian regional competition for the Dragon Nest SEA community,” said Addison Kang, Vice President of Shanda Games International and Dragon Nest SEA Producer. “I look forward to an exciting and fantastic tournament.”

The competing teams have already been preselected from intense qualifiers in their home countries. You may remember having witnessed the Shanda Invitational in Funan Digitalife Mall earlier this year. Competition is expected to be of the highest level, and Addison concurs:

“I have utmost confidence that Dragon Nest SEA participants will do us proud in China,” he added.

It’ll be interesting to see how countries from the SEA region will do against their counterparts from Korea and China, since these two countries are typically the first to get new Dragon Nest content.