Don’t miss the Monster Hunter: World trial on PS4

Monster Hunter: World

With the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion slated to release on Sep 6, Capcom are giving all PlayStation 4 users a chance of trying the base game for free.

The PS4 exclusive trial for Monster Hunter: World will only be available on May 9-20. According to the official release, players can experience all content up to HR4 as well as 3-star Assignments. You’ll get to play with all 14 different weapon types in the first 2 locations of the game. The trial also has full multiplayer functionality, so you can hunt together with the wide and helpful Monster Hunter community.

Most importantly, all save data from the trial version can be transferred over should you decide to get the full game itself. This is the best time to try out MH:W if the recent expansion news has got you curious.

Alternatively, you can try the trial version and wait for the Iceborne bundle (comes with both the base game and the expansion) when that releases.

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