Digimon shirts… for adults!

Digimon t-shirts for adults are few and far between. When someone says “digimon t-shirt” I think of a bright yellow or blue child sized shirt with a digimon and its trainer plastered over it. So these shirts from Gilgamesh Apparels are super cool.



Based in Indonesia, Gilgamesh Apparels feature original designs straight from Melbourne. Apart from Pokemon and Digimon gear, they also have lots of witty crossover designs, like Super Mario x Watchmen or Mario in a Sonic suit! Gilgamesh Apparels also has a special Indonesian Fighting Game Community shirt available if you want to support the FGC there. Purchases can currently be made through the website only, but note that the site is in Bahasa Indonesia.

If you’re a non-Bahasa speaker and want to make an order, you can email Wilson, one of the owners, directly.