Destiny Child starts pre-registration at Tap Tap Global

‘Destiny Child’, which topped sales in both major markets in Korea’s Google and App Store, is coming to more gamers around the world in ‘Tap Tap Global’.

ShiftUp announced that it will launch ‘Destiny Child’ in the second half of this year through the third-party Android platform ‘Tap Tap Global’. To commemorate this event, it will also hold a pre-registration event on Tap Tap Global from September 4th onwards.

TapTap Pre-Registration :

All pre-registered participants will get 1,000 Crystals and more reward items will be accumulated according to the number of gamers joining in the pre-registration. Upon reaching the final goal of 50,000 registrants, , Destiny Child will give away the following:

– 5-star Child Summon Ticket
– 5-star Soul Carta Summon Ticket
– 100 Weapons Armor, Accessory Crafting Stones
– and a 10 x Child Summon Ticket for each type.

Destiny Child is known as one of Korea’s representative in subculture games for its original stories, vast contents, and high-quality images drawn by some of the finest illustrators in Korea. It is currently being loved by gamers from 164 countries all over the world.

Unlike the Global Server release from before, T to cater to gamers in Southeast Asia market, to enjoy the game, and actively communicate with fellow gamers to discuss strategy and of various events. Destiny Child will support local third-party payment (PayPal, My Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay) to create a custom payment gateway for in-game purchases.

The New Version coming to TapTap Global will include exclusive elements, including more explicit characters, and simplified Chinese language as well.

More details and events can be found in TapTap Community before the official launch.

TapTap Pre-Registration :

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