Demon Slayer Stalks MapleSEA

MapleSEA will never look the same again, with the arrival of its Demon Slayer class.

Arriving in MapleSEA as part of the final Legends content update, the first dark class of MapleSEA has a more depressing background than usual. The Demon Slayer originally worked under MapleSEA’s main antagonist – the Black Mage – until the latter killed his mother and sister. Seething with vengeance, the Demon Slayer confronted his master, but was sealed in an Egg for the longest time following his defeat.

The Demon Slayer is not gender locked, and uses a 1H Blunt Weapon or 1H Axe, together with a new unique item called Force Shield. Demon Slayers can also equip Devil Wings, which are obtainable at levels 30 and 120. We’re pretty pleased that MapleSEA finally has a more ‘hardcore’ class, even though it does look like a vampire you just want to hug.

Give MapleSEA a go if you haven’t already.