Defeat The Sea Dragon And Win Cold, Hard Cash.

Celebrating the launch of the new Sea Dragon update on Dragon Nest, Shanda Games is prepared to hand over a S$10,000 cash reward (yes, physical cash) to whichever player party can defeat the Sea Dragon boss in the Sea Dragon Nest. Teams have until 3rd July to be the fastest team to complete the Sea Dragon Nest and submit the recorded footage (of utmost importance!) as evidence to win the S$10,000. Teams needs to appoint one person as party leader in order to claim the eventual reward, which will only be transferred to that person. Your incredible footage must be in at least 720p in resolution, so make sure you have plenty of storage space. Shanda Games is so confident, as well, that they are willing to double the price money should there not be a winner by July 3rd, bringing the campaign date up to 5th August. Check out the full contest details and conditions on this page.