Dead or Alive 5's Big Plans For 2013

Dead Or Alive 5 may have met with commercial success but Team NINJA has no plans on kicking back and living off costume DLCs. During Day 3 of IGN’s Pro League 5, studio lead Yosuke Hayashi announced via video that Dead Or Alive 5 Plus will be out for the PlayStation Vita in early 2013.

That isn’t all, either. Part of their efforts to “expand the entertainments of DOA5” includes a “feature expanding patch” planned for the home consoles next year, presumably updating the released games to match, content-wise, the Vita version. No other details were provided but Hayashi assured fans that appealing features are planned.

Team NINJA’s announcement also accompanies IPL’s entry into the fighting games scene. IGN Entertainment’s general manager of eSports, David Ting, shares with Forbes that he wants to “bring in the MMA world with this digital fighting tournament”, pointing out Mandalay Bay boxing ring – located in Las Vegas, home to the IPL — as a potential stage. Tecmo Koei’s Dead Or Alive 5 will be joining Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken for the league’s future tournaments.

Check out the announcement video below. If you have the time (36 minutes worth) then you could watch the full Day 3 video for IPL Fighters instead, which includes the announcement as well as few casted DOA5 fights.

Are we going to see any aspiring fighters take up the call?

Ade Putra

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