CS:GO celebrates two decades with classic Dust 2 map

cs:go dust 2

Let’s be real. Anyone who’s ever been remotely familiar with the Counter-Strike series would have heard something about Dust 2. It’s just that iconic.

On that note, what better way to celebrate the game’s big 2-0 than with a retro version of their most well-loved (or hated) map?

Yup. In commemoration of Counter-Strike‘s 20th birthday, Valve has releasedclassic Dust 2 map in the Casual Dust map group on CS:GO. All players will be able to ride the nostalgia wave, so feel free to go nuts with what you can literally call “good old Dust 2”.

While you’re at it, why not liven up the party by reminding your mates their favorite game is already 20 years old?*

PS: GameAxis is not responsible for any salt, flaming and tea-bagging resulting from said comment. Take it out in a 1v1.

Images: Valve

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