Computex 2019: Lock and load with HyperX’s all-new gaming equipment

hyperx computex 2019

If I didn’t know Computex 2019 was a tech exhibition, I’d have thought it was a mobster party because everyone is packing heat in their metaphorical violin cases.

The latest to enter this showdown is HyperX with an impressive array of their own. From mechanical keyboards to gaming headsets, Kingston Technology’s gaming arm clearly intends to pummel the competition into dust.

Let’s see they’ve got, starting off this 3-course HyperX meal with two new gaming headsets.

Gaming Headsets

Cloud Alpha S

Boasting nifty dual-chamber technology, the Cloud Alpha S is capable of clearly distinguishing between bass, mid and high notes, making it particularly good for games that require pinpoint positional awareness. Additionally, the headset offers an adjustable bass slider and a custom-tuned audio control box with HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound. All in all, it’s a neat accomplice that will work well for both gaming and media streaming purposes.

Cloud Orbit S

Developed collaboratively with Audeze and Waves Technology, the Cloud Orbit S is HyperX’s first headset with Audeze’s 100mm Planar Magnetic Drivers, enhancing audio accuracy to unprecedented levels. Also, the Orbit S includes Waves Nx 3D Audio and Head Tracking, delivering immersive audio and cinematic experiences. Previously found only in dedicated audiophile headsets, we’ll be seeing them in action for the first time at Computex 2019!

Gaming Keyboards

Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Arguably the main course of HyperX’s 2019 menu, the Alloy Origins keyboard features the company’s all-new HyperX Red Switch. Sporting a 45g actuation point and an near-unparalleled 80 million click lifetime, it’s an ultra-responsive switch that can match the Razer Green blow-for-blow. The Alloy Origins also includes three keyboard lighting profile slots by default, as well as exposed LED lighting on the keyswitches themselves. According to HyperX, the keyboard is tailored specifically for FPS games, so if titles like Apex Legends or PUBG are your gig, you know where to look.

Memory Modules


If you’re looking to reliably overclock your gaming rig, then HyperX’s new Fury DDR4 modules might be worth considering. Not only do they feature Plug n Play support, which allows for easy overclocking at DDR4 1.2V settings, they also come with Intel-XMP ready profiles for compatibility purposes. The Fury’s RGB variant also packs a stylish LED light bar and HyperX’s patented Infrared Sync, allowing it to stay synchronised without the use of a cable.


It is just me or is it getting really hot in here? But as impressive as these Computex 2019 reveals have been, they still seem to be playing it quite safe. As such, one can only wonder if there will be any real jaw-droppers this year.

With that said, you might want to check out our other Computex pieces. Stay tuned for more!

Images: Kingston HyperX

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