Computex 2019: Dell is packing heat with Alienware accessories, 2-in-1 laptops and more!

computex 2019 dell alienware

Computex 2019 is in full swing!

Held in Taipei, the five-day computing event opens its doors to the public today (May 28th). For all of this week, exhibitors will be busy turning the event hall into a commercial tech warzone, but for us gamers we simply want to check out all the shiny new gear on display.

What’s on the menu?

Everyone’s packing their biggest guns for Computex, but right now we’ve got our eyes on Dell. Metaphorical warzones are one thing, but it seems Dell has brought enough firepower to level a continent. Their lineup features not only their Alienware gaming brand, but an impressive array of laptops and CPUs as well.


This part of Dell’s operation needs no introduction. Arguably a pioneer where dedicated gaming hardware is concerned, Alienware’s consistent and well-rounded performance has kept it competitive and drool-worthy since its inception. They’ve been on a resurgence lately, and here are its new faces on bear.

dell alienware computex 2019 laptop

Gaming Laptops

  • Alienware m15 (15-inch)
  • Alienware m17 (17-inch)

The m15 and m17 are all about one thing: speed.

Sporting 9th-gen Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RTX graphics cards and Alienware’s patented dynamic overclocking software, the pair are touted as the brand’s most powerful gaming notebooks to date. Additionally, for sets that rock RTX2070 or RTX2080 graphics, the laptops also include 8-phase or 6-phase graphics voltage regulation to maintain those ultra-high speeds for longer.

Meanwhile, tempering the heat is Alienware’s new Cryo-Tech Cooling 3.0 technology, which enhances airflow and thermal efficiency while still maintaining blistering speeds.


dell alienware computex 2019 headsets

  • Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset (AW510H)
  • Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset (AW310H)

Laptops are important, but audio is an irreplaceable part of gaming too. Without adequate sound equipment, FPS players could get easily ambushed, while MOBA players could accidentally kill each other. With competitive gaming all the rage, Alienware wants to bring your headset game straight to the top.

Sporting hand-picked drivers, comfy leatherette/memory foam hybrid ear cups and Alienware’s usual snazzy design among other things, the duo provide ultra-clear audio positioning and pinpoint accuracy even in the most chaotic games.

As the cherry on top, the AW510H sports Discord and TIA-920 certification too, so gamers can get in and out of the action with friends anytime and anywhere; those who pick up the AW310H can still enjoy that Discord certification.

[Correction, May 29: We previously reported that both Alienware headsets had Discord and TIA-920 certification, when only the AW510H model does. We apologize for the error.]

Dell Gaming, Inspiron, Vostro, XPS and Precision Laptops

Gaming Series

  • Dell G3 (15″)
  • Dell G7 (15″/17″)

Alienware makes undoubtedly sturdy and powerful stuff, but their aesthetic might not appeal to everyone. That’s fine. As the G7’s tagline goes, the Dell Gaming series laptops are slim but savage too. Although not as far down the gaming rabbit hole as the Alienware laptops, the G3 and G7 still perform quite impressively. They run on 8th-gen Intel Core processors and pack great graphics with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050Ti or RTX2080 cards, so it’s not a complete downgrade from their extraterrestrial counterparts.

Inspiron, XPS, Vostro and Precision Series


  • Inspiron 11 (3000 2-in-1)
  • Inspiron 13 (5000 or 7000 2-in-1)
  • Inspiron 15 (7000 or 7000 2-in-1)
  • Inspiron 24 (5000 AIO)
  • Inspiron 27 (7000 AIO)


  • XPS 13 2-in-1
  • XPS 15


  • Vostro 13 5000

Precision (Laptops)

  • Precision 7540 Mobile Workstation
  • Precision 7740 Mobile Workstation

Maybe you’re not looking for a gaming outfit. Maybe you want something professional, dynamic and reliable. Well, you’ve got four laptop series to choose from: the Inspiron, XPS, Vostro and Precision. The first two are more for creatives, packing nifty features like tablet capabilities and small screen HD graphics; the latter two are purely corporate, tailored for video conferencing and other professional tasks.

To add on, the Inspiron lineup is especially diverse, spanning a total of seven different variants! Each has its own unique niche — some are better for on-the-go flashes of inspiration, some for artwork and photo editing and so on. However, they all stem from the same idea: providing a lightweight and portable creative platform.

Dell Precision Desktops

  • Dell Precision 3431 Tower
  • Dell Precision 3630 Tower
  • Dell Precision 3930 Rack

Aside from the Alienware gear, gaming laptops and convertibles like the XPS series, Dell’s Precision CPUs have also tagged along to the exhibition.

The Dell Precision series are zero chill and one hundred percent business — who knows, you might have their ancestors in your office. Don’t be fooled by their demure appearances, though, as they’re far more adaptable than your run-of-the-mill CPU. Furthermore, they still pack it with powerful 9th-gen Intel Core options to tackle even your most demanding of spreadsheets. Add the series-exclusive Dell Precision Optimizer Software and you’ve got a self-tailoring CPU (or rack) that’s both affordable and compact.

A multi-pronged approach

Dell seems to be going for a multi-pronged approach this Computex rather than trying to steamroll the competition, which is one way of doing it. That isn’t to say that their tech is any less impressive, though; those Alienware headsets are looking pretty good [and their “old” AW988 model did win Best Gaming Headset at the HWZ Tech Awards 2019].

Anyway, there’s still four more days of Computex 2019 left so don’t get addled just yet. Check out all the other news coming out of the annual convention and stay tuned for more!

Images: Dell

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