Computex 2019: ASUS ROG reveals portable 240Hz monitor, new headsets, and loads of RGB

ASUS ROG Computex 2019

Thought ASUS ROG were already done with their Computex 2019 announcements last week? Well you thought wrong, friend. After pushing out their refreshed gaming laptops, the Republic of Gamers are supporting their frontlines with new gaming gear and, for all things bling, the new Aura Creator.

Call in reinforcements: ROG Theta headsets

ASUS have already air-dropped their new ROG Scope mechanical keyboard, but do you know what separates a strike team from a brood of headless chickens? Coordination. Hence: headsets.

ROG Theta – A 7.1 Surround-Sound USB-C Gaming Headset

Remember the ROG Centurion? Here’s the upgrade. Sporting the new ‘Theta’ name, its kitted out with eight discrete drivers and a virtual subwoofer to hit that 7.1 surround sound promise. They’ve also managed to get an AI-powered noise-cancelling microphone on board, in what they say is an industry first. It’ll employ machine learning to identify between user speech and external sound, while an ESS SABRE9601 amp and ROG exclusive 7.1 DAC ensures your audio output oozes just as much quality as your input.

ROG Theta Electret – A Hi-fi 3.5mm Gaming Headset

Ready for something different? This headset marks ASUS ROG’s foray into electret drivers, though they aren’t new to the wider headphones world. They’ve paired those “high-fidelity electret drivers with dynamic subwoofers” to try crossing into the audiophile world, promising true-to-life stereo audio and strong bass. It comes with a 3.5mm-6.3mm (quarter-inch) adapter should you have a suitable headphone amp, as well as an integrated boom mic to keep it fit for gaming.

Get me a visual: Portable ROG Strix gaming monitor

Have you ever thought to yourself: ‘Wow I wish I had a monitor with me?’ Say no more, fam.

ROG Strix XG17 – Portable 240Hz 3ms 17-inch Monitor

ASUS says that the XG17 is “designed for ultra-competitive gamers that wish to hone their skills on the move” so, yes why settle for 60 or even 120 when they’ve serving the esports crowd 240Hz? It packs a 1080p IPS panel with both micro-HDMI and Type-C connectivity, so you can even hook it up to smartphones and tablets if you’re in a showing off kind of mood – adaptive sync kicks in at 48Hz onwards. You’ll get up to three hours’ worth of 240Hz runtime on its battery, which can be topped up in an hour through fast-charge. Most importantly? It only weighs 800 grams.

We need more power: ROG Strix power supplies

PC building wisdom dictates that you never skimp on the power supply. When you’ve invested all that hard-earned cash into your gaming rig (and syncing up those RGBs), perhaps a matching ASUS ROG power supply isn’t such a bad idea after all.

ROG Strix 750W Gold & 650W Gold Power Supply

How much power do you need? It’s surprising ASUS doesn’t have their own PSU calculator given how many components they provide, but try PCPartPicker for size. Go above what you need and there you have it – 650W or 750W? These models come with “massive ROG heatsinks” and a 135mm axial-tech fan for cooler operation without the noise. They’ve got Japanese capacitators and low RDS(on) MOSFETs, an 80 PLUS Gold certification, and a good 10 years of warranty. Naturally, they feature fully modular cables and a selection of add-ons such as stickers and a magnetic badge. You’re in ROG territory, so of course you get to customize.

Put out the heat: ROG Strix Liquid Coolers

Good old PC fans work great and are super easy to maintain, but there’s no denying that an RGB-lit liquid cooler is pretty darn cool – especially if you’ve got a whole coordinated look in mind. So what’s new this time? Addressable RGB fans.

ROG Strix LC 120/240/360 RGB Liquid Cooling

Simply put, an addressable RGB lets you individually assign each LED a different color and intensity. In other words, greater freedom to customize your taste in glow. They sport ROG’s radiator fans for optimal airflow and static pressure, improved acoustics, and – yes, they haven’t run out – stickers on the spindles. As for how you’re going to get into the nitty gritty of all that lighting? Well, there’s…

Light it up: Aura Creator


The ASUS Aura Creator makes it beta debut at Computex 2019, granting users complete creative control over their PC lighting. Replacing Aura Sync, the new Aura Creator boasts a streamlined interface but also more customization depth, making it great for both beginners and experienced lightshow magicians.


We haven’t got prices and availability on these new ROG gear just yet, but we’ll update this post as soon as those details come in. That’s on top of all the Computex updates, mind you, so stay tuned for a flood of new tech to pore over.

Images: ASUS ROG

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