Clues Point To September 12th For Apple’s Next Press Event

It’s easy to point out that Apple will have a press event in September, it’s just a matter of pointing out when exactly.

According to several sources, including iMore and AllThingsD, the September press event by Apple is more than likely to take place on September 12th. What Apple can be planning for that event is still anyone’s guess, although the unveiling and subsequent release date announcement for the company’s next iPhone has a high chance, judging from the increase in components purchased by Apple for it’s next iPhone.

Still, there is no certainty without official word by Apple about the event. The company recently released their new operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, selling 3 million copies within four days of launch.

Apple Media Event All But Confirmed for Mid-September, iPhone Launch Likely [MacRumors, photo from iLab Factory]