Chris Avellone "Very Tempted" To Kickstart Planescape Rehash

Brian Fargo had his Wasteland Kickstarter. Now Chris Avellone, lead designer of Planescape: Torment, has told GamesIndustry International that he’s “very tempted” to start a Kickstarter for the game of his career.

However, he’ll be ditching the Dungeons & Dragons rules and the Planescape setting if he does. According to Eurogamer, Avellone says they’d just get in the way, and “you could actually come up with a much better game” without them.

GamesIndustry International quizzed Avellone on what would happen if the Kickstarter campaign – should it happen – couldn’t hit its target. Avellone’s reply was simple: “…at least you get closure,” he told them. “You can say, my idea wasn’t good enough, it didn’t resonate enough and now I don’t have an illusion of a dream.”

In an age where games have been reduced to well developed physics engines and guns, without strong storylines, we wonder if a rehash of an iconic RPG will ever be able to cut it.

(Source: Eurogamer)