Check out Singapore’s flag as a samurai!

Japanese artists really are something. Because when it comes to making random stuff look awesome, they’re really good at it.

World Flags is a Japanese site containing info on every country’s flag, all of which have an anthropomorphised version as well. Take a look at Singapore’s!

Ooh. Does anyone else get Inuyasha vibes?

Brandishing a katana and clad in red-and-white armour, “The Prince of the New World” is a splendid piece of art. On a more interesting note, if you look closer, you can spot the head of the Merlion on the handle of the sword, as well. Apparently, our waterfront mascot has got quite a reputation among Japanese artists.

The name of his armour, “Shiromikaduki and Gosei” is a direct transliteration of “The white crescent moon and five stars”, which are also represented as decorative adornments. Personally, I think it’s a pretty cool way to use them. Anyway, our red-and-white samurai has a name too. The words “Gou Ken Sui” directly translated means “Grand Sword Water”, which I assume refers to the Merlion motif.

Coincidentally, it also sounds like a respectful nod towards our former Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Goh Keng Swee. Much appreciated, guys.

Samurai aside, the site is pretty well-maintained, offering detailed write-ups on each country’s history and culture. It’s meant to promote awareness and hype for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and this is a rather unique way to go about it. There’s only one minor problem: it’s all in Japanese, so you might need Google Translate to read stuff. Alternatively, you could just go for the sheer “husbando” value.

Images: World Flags

Kenneth Ang

Kenneth Ang

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