Charles Cecil Needs Your Help To Kickstart A New "Broken Sword"

Charles Cecil from Revolution Software needs your help to fund the next title in the “Broken Sword” series of adventure games.

Yep. Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse has been announced. It’ll feature most of the original team of designers and vocal talent and the game will return to its 2D roots, albeit with pre-rendered 3D sprites. The 2.5D Adventure Game is primed for a Q1 2013 release, that is, if they have the funding to keep it going.

Revolution Software was one of the major players in the point-and-click adventure game genre during the early 1990s creating critically acclaimed titles such as “Beneath a Steel Sky” and the “Broken Sword” series. In recent years, the company has owed its survival in the new digital age, when remastered versions of its games were major hits on the App Store and with Metacritic ratings.


And now, it looks like they’re looking to the online community once more to help move their game forward. A Kickstarter campaign has been started, and already has slightly less than 3000 backers amassing over $131,000 out of their $400,000 target. A US$15 pledge nets you the digital copy of the game for Windows PC and Mac, as well as other digital goodies. Things get better from there. Diehard fans of the Broken Sword series would want the Kickstarter backer exclusive box set for a US$100 pledge.

Two of the franchise’s titles are already remastered and on the App Store. Those, and Revolution’s Beneath a Steel Sky (obtainable free with ScummVM) are all worth a look.