Celebrate 20 years of Wolfenstein by playing it on your browser

Bethesda Softworks, who bought over id Software in 2009, has released id Software’s groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D as a game running in pure HTML5, celebrating 20 years of Nazi prison first-person shooting. What a day we live in.

To those who lived during the era when the game first came out, nostalgia sinks in immediately. You play as US spy agent B.J. Blazkowicz who must break out of the Nazi compound to stop Hitler. The game plays competently and there is access to change of control scheme (if you have a mouse or if arrow keys are no match for WASD movement to you) and difficulty. It covers 3 chapters of the game and all of the levels within those chapters.

Patience is required to let it load itself, so you may see red walls or audio lag when a fallen Nazi screams “AIEEE!” when playing for the first time. You’ll need a competent browser for this game as most modern browsers are. There is only one caveat. You can’t save your progress. Well, that’s the price of free, I guess.

Speaking of free, it’s also worth noting that the iOS version of the game is currently Free on the App Store, although it’s not available in Singapore, something no trip to the US store can’t fix. It does allow you to save your progress though.

Play Wolfenstein 3D [Bethesda Softworks]