Campus Game Fest Is Back On 26 to 28 June

Whenever someone sees the term “3D2N” chances are they’re thinking of a brief getaway in another country, indulging in food and other tourist trappings. It just so happens that videogames offer a getaway too, with varying sights and activities just a few loading screens away. Does a 3D2N gaming vacation sound good? Then sign right up for this year’s Campus Game Fest.

Campus Game Fest is a three-year initiative by the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), Institute of Technical Education (ITE), and People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM), co-organised by the CyberAthlete Professional League (CPL) and produced by Wolong Ventures. 2015 marks its third year running.

As with past years, CGF15 will be held at ITE College Central in Ang Mo Kio. They’ve got bigger plans this time around, adding new games, events, and SG50 celebrations on top of well-received past activities.

Chief of those is the “Just Play! LAN Party”, where a throng of people lug along their machines and friends for three days’ worth of gaming—extra activities and prizes included. In response to 2014’s turnout they’ve prepared more tickets, so gather a few other people and jump onto the registration page when that opens.

Or perhaps tournaments for Dota 2 and Virtual Battlespace 2 (Singapore’s own first-person military simulator used for the National Education Gaming Championship) sound like a better fit? You could even take it one-step further and attend the pre-CGF SCOGA Bootcamp: The Moba Edition, which combines indoor and outdoor activities.

Better yet, help run a tournament or event for your own gaming community! CGF15 will be providing dedicated spaces and facilities to “encourage local communities to take charge in building the gaming scene.” With a major hurdle already taken care of this is easily one of the best opportunities budding organizers can get. More information can be found on this page.

What else is there to do? Try participating in or spectating the cosplay competitions for one, before making your way over to the local artists showcase for to appreciate our artistic talents. With entry being free it’s certainly worth taking a look.


I hope someone manages to host a massive  round of Battlefield during that LAN party—it’ll make one for unforgettable experience.

Go on and grab your free tickets.

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Ade Putra

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