Blizz Has Big Plans For Licence2Play 2012

Blizzard is bringing quite the presence into the Licence2Play gaming expo next month.

Visitors to their booth will get to explore Pandaria, beat the Skeleton King, and take the Heart of the Swarm demo for a spin. There’ll also be a a Pandaren Cosplay contest with several categories. Simply turn up dressed as a Panda to stand a chance to win in any of them. If you want to be sure of winning something, sign up now, because the first 100 pre-registrants all get tickets to Singapore’s River Safari to visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia, our resident Panda(ren)!

Apart from the game demos and cosplay contest, you’ll also get to see Korean pro-gamer StarTale Aphrodite. ST Aphrodite will be playing matches against willing opponents and signing autographs during a special session.

The female StarCraft II extraordinaire, whose claim to fame was winning the Zowie Divinia invitational, will also be letting gamers in on the tips and tricks she’s picked up from her trade. For the less competitive, partake in a viewing session of art and illustrations straight from the industry giant’s three game franchises.

Finally, expect to stand chances to win lots of epic loot. After all, no Blizzard event is complete without that. Lucky winners will receive Collector’s Editions of the various games, signed by the entire development team.

Other neat swag includes the magnificent Doomhammer, certain statuettes from Blizzcons past, and framed drawing and art from Blizzard artists. A 20th Anniversary Hoodie signed by Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, will also be given away.