Behold the TITAN, Devourer of Ultrabooks

Are you looking for something with the horsepower of a gaming desktop and the portability of a notebook?

AFTERSHOCK PC has turned its beast mode on with the introduction of the AFTERSHOCK TITAN, a dual graphic card notebook that’ll make its debut during the upcoming SITEX period. Users can choose between dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M GPUs or AMD Radeon 7970M GPUs.

Special features include a customisable backlit keyboard, ONKYO 2.1 Speakers with subwoofer, and a Full HD high colour gamut screen for high fidelity. It also boasts a fingerprint sensor that can be tied to apps that need login information, like Facebook or Gmail.

The only dual graphic card notebook in Singapore, the TITAN – unofficially dubbed the devourer of ultrabooks – retails for S$2,700 and up, and can be further customised at AFTERSHOCK PC.