Beef Yourself Up With A Graham Potion In Our RO2: War of Emperium Giveaway!

Ragnarok Online 2 Fans! RobotsGoneBad, with our best buds at Asiasoft, have got 200 flasks of Graham Potion to hand out to get you going for the next War of Emperium event!

The War of Emperium is a weekly in-game event on Ragnarok Online 2 where warriors fight for control over the bases at Pron Fortress for a taste of some fabulous rewards and stat increases. Get a fighting chance with a Graham Potion down your player character’s gullet for a boost to 3000 Max HP for 60 minutes.



We have 200 codes good for one flask of Graham Potion to hand out to the first 200 participants (with valid emails) in our giveaway. Keep it for future use if you wish, but all codes must be redeemed before December 31st, 2013.

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