"Because We May" Gives Developers Freedom To Price Their Games, Starts Today

A peculiar Internet movement(?) has indie game developers teaming up for Because We May, to spread the message that developers have the right to charge what they want for their games, though it appears many of these developers choose to mark down their games, to the consumer’s benefit, of course.

Discounted or marked-up prices range from titles on the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store, Google Play (formerly the Android Market), Steam and direct from the developers themselves. Titles include:

  • World of Goo (Win/Mac/iOS/Android)
  • Canabalt (iOS/Android)
  • Super Meat Boy (Win/Mac)
  • Cave Story (Win/Mac)
  • EDGE/EDGE Extended (Win/Mac/iOS Android)
  • Forget-me-not (iOS)


This list is but a paltry example of titles you can look at, but there’s a whole fleet of other games to look at over on the website itself. Because We May ends on June 1st, so get some stellar indie titles while you can.

(It is also worth noting that there are plenty of other titles from EA and Rockstar Games on the iOS App Store on sale during the Memorial Day weekend in the US.)