Battlefield V Open Beta gets NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver treatment

Battlefield V Open Beta - 01

With Battlefield V‘s Open Beta just around the corner, NVIDIA has released a new Game Ready Driver that is intended to  optimize and boost gameplay performance for PCs with a GeForce GTX card.

The Game Ready Driver not only enhances the performance of the Battlefield V Open Beta but also provide the best gameplay experience for F1 2018, Immortal: Unchained, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, Strange Brigade, and Switchblade.

The Battlefield V Open Beta will be available to all on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this week, September 6. If you are looking to get into the action earlier, however, you can get early access by pre-ordering the game. Alternatively, if you are a subscriber to EA Access on the Xbox One or Origins Access on the PC, you get to play the open beta on September 4 instead. PS4 owners are lucked out, however


The Game Ready Driver is available for download today. For Battlefield V, it will be available globally October 19.

Wei Song

Wei Song

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