Battlefield 1 players commemorate Armistice Day through in-game ceasefire

My faith in humanity has been restored.

Yesterday, November 11th was the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. As a collective mark of respect, Battlefield 1 players agreed on an in-game ceasefire at the 11th hour, as detailed by DICE’s Jan David Hassel on his Twitter post.

If you’re not familiar with its historical significance, Armistice Day was when World War I came to a close, which is the conflict that Battlefield 1 is based on. For all the salt and swearing that are commonplace in multiplayer games, it’s still innately touching that people are willing to come together for such a community effort.

However, the solemn moment was interrupted by two people. The first was a plane pilot who continued shooting even after the ceasefire was called.

The other was someone who backstabbed the person that was recording. However, this player later apologised after realising what the ceasefire was about, so all was forgiven here, I suppose.

Except the plane pilot, who hilariously got shot out of the sky afterward. Well, he asked for it.

Kenneth Ang

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