Authenticator Compulsory for RMAH Use

The Diablo III Real Money Auction House (RMAH) is on its way, and Blizzard isn’t taking any chances.

Starting since last Sunday, players now need to have an authenticator on their account before being able to add to their Balance – the equivalent of your wallet for the RMAH. The authenticator will also be needed if you want to send the proceeds of your RMAH sales to your Balance.

If you already have cash in your Balance, you’ll still be able to use it without the authenticator. Only transactions made from last Sunday onward will require the authenticator.

While this is a smart move by Blizzard to ensure security of the RMAH, we’ve heard of many, many complaints locally about authenticators not working properly. The most common complaint being that the authenticators – both mobile and physical versions – simply freezes up. The bigger complication here is that when these authenticators freeze up, it doesn’t just lock players out of the RMAH – but the game entirely. While Blizzard’s customer service has never been anything short of stellar, it can be a tad difficult to get hold of them when you’re based in the Oceanic region.

We can only hope now that Blizzard will be able to sort out any outstanding issues (both the authenticators and the RMAH) and provide a more comprehensive troubleshooting manual for folks not fortunate enough to live in the PST timezone, or we’ll have a lot of angry SEA players.

Keep updated with the thread on the RMAH on the forums.

(Photo: Blizzard’s Google Play store)