Bandai Namco reveals Black Clover: Quartet Knights for PC and PS4

Black Clover: Quartet Knights announce 01

The year isn’t quite yet over for Bandai Namco Entertainment, who have squeezed in one final announcement for 2017. Black Clover: Quartet Knights, based on the manga and recent anime adaptation, is “a third-person magic shooting game” headed to Southeast Asia for PC and PS4 in 2018.

Here’s the official blurb:

“Black Clover: Quartet Knights enables players to form their own ultimate Magic Knights Squads to challenge rivals in cooperative battles with friends. Featuring a unique combination of third-person shooting and magic combat, players will create balanced and diverse teams of four using complementary player types including attack, defense, and support specializations and face off in heated battle.”

Black Clover: Quartet Knights announce 02

Black Clover: Quartet Knights announce 03

Developing the  game is Japanese studio Ilinx, best known for working on the Gundam Breaker series on PlayStation systems.

Black Clover is an action fantasy series by Yuuki Tabata, centered on a young protagonist’s quest to become the Wizard king. Being a Weekly Shounen Jump series, one can draw plenty of thematic similarities to other shounen hits such as Naruto and Fairy Tail, which in turn should inform readers whether it’ll suit their tastes.

An anime adaptation by Studio Pierrot is currently airing on Japanese networks.

Bandai Namco have already set-up an official website and Twitter (both in Japanese) if you’re interested in poking around more, though admittedly there’s not much on there at the moment.

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