'Back To School' Campaign Available For Left 4 Dead 2

The Back to School campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 is now live!

Set in Borden City, it sees four new survivors trying to survive the epidemic alongside the first game’s original heroes. With the US Army on the way to back the city up, these survivors take shelter in the local school – the safest place in the city – but like any good o’ zombie apocalypse, it turns out to be the worst strongholds possible.

The campaign features six new maps available in both Versus and Campaign modes, 12 brand new Panic Events, a new ‘Marauder’ game mode, new finale, non-linear gameplay, brand new models and textures, and even new cinematic physics and particle systems. It’s like getting a brand new game, and it’s free, too!

The new maps are The Forest, The Railway Station, The Town, The Cinema, The Church, and The School – not the most creatively named, but possibly a whole lot of fun, considering L4D2 hasn’t received any new content for a while.

The Back To School campaign is an unofficial update, and is the first release by Russian developers Kirill Tarasov and Roman Smirnov. You can download it here.