Azeroth's Lunar Festival Extends IRL at Merchant Road Brewerkz

Singapore World of Warcraft players, the Lunar Festival might be over in Azeroth, but it hasn’t ended IRL.

Come the next server reset on Feb 19 2013, Tuesday, there’ll be a community gathering at the Brewerkz on Merchant Road. From 7.00pm to 10.00pm that night, Chen Stormstout’ll be opening his keg up to anyone who plays World of Warcraft – and it doesn’t matter if you’re Horde or Alliance!

Apart from the free drinks and free food that some mage will undoubtedly be handing out, you could also stand to win some epic loot.

[Megabloks Jade Panda Figurine], [Mists of Pandaria T-Shirt], [Mists of Pandaria EZ-Link Sticker], and [60 Day Time Card] are just some of the items that’ll drop that night.

You can RSVP or get more information on the event, or even chat – cross-realm and cross-faction, no less – to other World of Warcraft players at the event page.


[Photo: WoWWiki]