ASUS have three more G-SYNC monitors on the way, this time at a fast 165Hz and 0.5ms

ASUS Monitors VG278QR VG258QR VG248QG

Hunting for a screen that lets you hunt enemies better? Well ASUS have three more G-SYNC compatible monitors joining their stable, all pegged as ideal screens for fast-paced shooters.

The 27-inch VG278QR, 24.5-inch VG258QR, and 24-inch VG248QG models all sport ultrafast 0.5ms response times and 165Hz refresh rates. Accompanying it are the usual suite of software optimizations to make this an even better gaming companion, such as ASUS’ Extreme Low Motion Blur (backlight strobe for lower perceived blur), GameVisual (preset display modes), and GamePlus (on-screen gaming overlays).

Like most fast monitors, you’ll have to leave digital size behind in the pursuit of speed. All three ASUS monitors are TN panels only offering FHD (1920 × 1080) resolutions, though that does mean your system will have an easier time rendering modern games at 120 FPS or higher. For those deeply into competitive games, a smoother and more responsive experience is well worth that resolution trade-off.

That’s probably why the company mentions a glut of shooters in their news release — Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, CS:GO, and Call of Duty – though we imagine they’ll fare just as well for racing, MOBA, and other fast-paced games.

Further specifications are already up on the official site. For instance, the VG248QG has a variable refresh rate range between 40-165Hz and an average 1ms gray-to-gray response (that 0.5ms ASUS lists is simply a minimum achieved from their internal tests).

This is largely a follow-up announcement to their last batch of G-SYNC compatible monitors at CES 2019 (the ROG Strix XG258Q, XG248Q, MG278Q, VG278Q, and VG258Q), which all goes to show how tight they are with NVIDIA. They’re also throwing out the fact that ASUS monitors go through a two-stage certification process, so gamers know these are guaranteed to work with their NVIDIA graphics cards.

Word on price and availability will be out at a later date. If it’s physical size you want, then check out their super-wide ROG Strix XG49VQ.

Ade Putra

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