Asura's Wrath Episode 11.5 DLC now available

Capcom has released the first batch of downloadable content for Asura’s Wrath on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Anger management counselling sold separately.

From today, gamers can download Episode 11.5, providing a look at the events that occurs between episodes 11 and 12, with more downloadable episodes on the way, including episode 15.5 on April 3. Both episodes will cost 160 Microsoft Points or US$1.99 on PSN.

Following that, all-new episodes will appear for download that will continue the story from where the game ends. The post-game episode bundle will be available on April 24 for 560 Microsoft Points and US$6.99 on PSN. And if that wasn’t enough, Ken and Ryu from the Street Fighter series will make an appearance in the game as DLC for 160 Microsoft Points and US$1.99 on PSN.