Assassin's Creed III UbiWorkshop Edition Unveiled

If you ever wanted to know everything about the Assassins Creed universe, Ubisoft’s UbiWorkshop has an Assassins’s Creed III bundle for you.

The exclusive nerd special edition will run you US$99.99 (with free international shipping until July 4th, how sweet is that?) and includes the second edition of the Assassin’s Creed encyclopedia and the collection of Assassins’s Creed graphic novels: “Assassin’s Creed Subject 4”, totalling to over 500 pages of content. And the game, let’s not forget the game, for Xbox 360 of PlayStation 3, region free.

The ACIII UbiWorkshop Edition is available for pre-order now at $10 off and again, free international shipping applies until July 4th, though it’ll only actually ship sometime late October 2012.

Assassin’s Creed III: UbiWorkshop Edition [UbiWorkshop]