Could Asiasoft’s Blockbuster be Ragnarok Online II?

There are just three days to go to the big reveal of Asiasoft’s mysterious Blockbuster game, and you know what? We think we know what it is!

No Game No Talk’s sleuthing and the options in the poll created by, together with the suspiciously dressed model currently gracing the Blockbuster’s countdown site, are leading us to believe that Asiasoft might just be releasing Ragnarok Online II. According to Gravity Co.’s recently released financial report, the game has been slated for a Singapore and Malaysia release in December 2012.

The model on Asiasoft’s blockbuster countdown site is also dressed in what could possibly be a (skimpy) Kafra outfit sans the headgear. And where else do you find Kafra shops but in Ragnarok Online…?

Separately, Shanda Games have also finally revealed their new game, titled Avatar Stars. While we have no further information on what Avatar Stars is, it does sound suspiciously like another dancing game.

Avatar Stars will be playable at Licence2Play, but Asiasoft is going a step further with their Blockbuster (or possibly Ragnarok Online II). The game is already available for download via a multitude of links, but the install file will be password protected until Friday, Dec 7 2012 – the day of their big reveal.

You can get in on the action by first downloading it here.