Apple unveils rumoured iPad mini, new iMac and MacBook Pro

Apple has called upon their throngs of press members to help gaze upon their fancy new wares, just over a month since their iPhone-related press conference.

iPad mini
Unveiled to the crowd was the device that spun rumour mills after the iPhone 5 was announced. The iPad mini is essentially a scaled down version of any non-retina display iPad with a 7.9-inch screen that’s still able to be held (barely) with one hand. The screen contains a 1024×768 resolution like that of the original iPad and the iPad 2. The device is only 7.2mm thin, has a FaceTime HD camera, a dual-core A5 chip, Siri and uses the new Lightning dock connector. The iPad mini is expected to go on sale in Singapore in November. Pre-orders on Apple’s website start October 26th from S$448.

iPad with Retina Display
I suppose calling it the “new-new” iPad didn’t go well with marketing. Apple also unveiled a refresh on the current-generation iPad (The New iPad) by giving it a boost with a dual-core A6X quad-core graphics chip. The iPad with Retina Display retains its retina display from its predecessor and also uses the new Lightning dock connector. “Predecessor” is right. Apple is taking The New iPad model with the 30-pin dock connector and replacing it entirely with the iPad with Retina Display. The iPad 2 still gets to hang around, though. The iPad with Retina Display will go from S$658.

This was the one that blew me away. Apple showed-off their new iMac that is only 5mm thick at the edge. First impressions was the iMac was 5mm-thick all around, but that isn’t the case. The iMac still needs room to house it’s hardware, so it has a convex back. But having that 5mm edge and everything held more compactly means it’s lighter and uses less materials. It also calls for some serious new technology, so the iMac is “welded” together through friction stir welding, the same process used for aircraft hulls. The new iMac naturally loses its Optical Drive (it’s available sold separately). Apple is trying to tell us something, like they did with the floppy disc drive. Prices start from S$1788.

13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display
When Apple released word of a 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, some of us went, “It’s a big resolution, but is it too big?” So to those naysayers, Apple released the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Like its 15″ brother, it has no optical drive, and completely makes use of flash storage. The 13-inch is capable of a 2560×1600 resolution or have things scaled down to a maximum of 1680×1050 (the 15-inch has a 2880×1800 retina resolution). The 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display is naturally a more-affordable version of the line, for those who want to lug something smaller around. Prices start from S$2388.