Apple Patents 5D Technology

Always the hipster, Apple has now taken it one step further by patenting 5D technology.

According to GamesIndustry International, Apple’s patent for 5D allows users to “interface with computers far beyond our current mice, keyboards or motion controllers”. It is called 5D because it includes force-vector direction and magnitude of force.

Patently Apple reports that this patent – obtained by Apple years ago from Canadian inventor Timothy Pryor – covers “electro-optical determination of temporary surface distortion caused by the physical input signal.” Its non-contact sensing of the screen is also capable of detecting “complex area ‘signatures’” as opposed to the point-detection that dominates the Kinect and Move technologies. The technology reportedly focuses on television-related applications, hence the mention of screens.

We lowly non-scientists thus interpret 5D as ‘really spiffy Microsoft Kinect’, but will reserve judgement on this until Apple actually produces something that’ll shake the market.

(Source: GamesIndustry International, Patently Apple)