Apple Announces Media Event For September 12

If you’re heading out to the store to get an iPhone, you may want to hold that off.

Apple has issued media invites (to everyone else, not us) for their September 12th media event . The “cryptic” invite has a “12” with a shadow of a “5”, so it’ll be likely a reveal of Apple’s next iPhone that people seem to like calling it the iPhone 5, despite the fact that the iPhone 4S is already the fifth iPhone and calling it so will break all numerical convention.

The new/next/upcoming iPhone 5/6 had been rumoured to be taller than all its preceding brethren in a unibody construction, as well as having the new fangled dock connector that will be far smaller than the original. Rumours are rumours, so let’s just sit back and wait.

The iPhone 5 Is Coming on September 12 [Gizmodo]