Anthem’s release schedule is downright confusing


Having played the Tomb Raider series, Portal 2, and some Legend of Zelda on the side, I concede that in-game puzzles can sometimes be devilishly hard. But have you ever seen a game that’s puzzling even before it came out?

Well cast your eyes on EA’s new multiplayer open-world shooter, Anthem. The release schedule for the game is so confusing that it might even make Portal 2‘s GLaDOS wince. In fact, EA themselves had to put together a chart just to clear everything up!

ways to play Anthem

(Image: @EAHelp)

If you take a look at the chart, you might notice that PS4 players have no chance of getting in before the official release, as compared to PC or Xbox One (something they were quick to point out).

In response to these concerns, Anthem‘s director Jonathan Warner clarified that coordination with early-access features such as EA Access and Origin Premier were outside of BioWare’s control. Rather, these were settled between Sony and the respective companies directly. On a separate note, he added that even he felt that the entire fiasco was needlessly confusing, and would have preferred if everyone could start playing together.

Anyway, a confusing release schedule doesn’t mean Anthem is bad in any way. So, it’s probably best to reserve judgment till everyone can get some play time in.

Kenneth Ang

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